WordPress Theme


What is Theme?

When you install WordPress on your server, the first thing you look for is the theme. Themes are the most important part of the WordPress. A theme is basically, a collection of some files which work together to give the user a graphical interface. It includes template files, stylesheet, and a function file. These all files are combined together to produce a unique layout design. A WordPress Theme changes the layout of your website. It provides control over the look of your website. Changing theme will change the entire look of your website if you look at the front end.

Each theme has its own layout design and configuration files. These themes are categorized according to their look like a business theme will contain a business layout and also some files which are required for the business purpose. A photography theme contains photographic layout. So each is designed according to some specific layout.

A design is already present in the theme. You can modify as per your need using plugins and adding code to the function.php file. You can style them as per your need using child theme which we discuss in the next lesson. A theme also contains images, javascript, and other files. There are a number of themes available for WordPress. You can choose as per your need. Each theme has its own features and functions.

They can be managed using your WordPress admin area. You can change, edit, and modify a theme using your dashboard.

Common Theme Features

  • Design of your Website
  • Font Styling
  • Colors
  • Widget Locations
  • Templates
  • Post Styles
  • Sidebars
  • Navigation
  • Custom Backgrounds
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