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In this lesson, we discuss how we can Add Categories in WordPress. Categories are the best way to organize your posts according to categories such as topics in books. Organizing your posts according to categories not only help visitors but also helps you. In short, categories are the most simple and general method of grouping content on a WordPress site. A Post can be attached to many categories but it is best to attach only one category to a post so that it is neatly organized and you can easily distinguish between various posts. Here we will discuss how to add a category and assign to posts.

Find below-mentioned points to Add Category.

Step (1) − Navigate to Posts > Categories section from your wp-admin panel.

Add Category to Posts in WordPress
Step (2) − A new window opens and here you can see some options like Name, Slug, Parent Category and Description. Finally, Click on Add New Category button to add your category.

Add Category to Posts in WordPress

  • Name − This is the name of your Category.
  • Slug − This is the URL of your category. You can see the slug in the address bar.
  • Parent Category − If you want to make a parent category of your current category you can choose here or you can simply click None to make your current category as a parent category.
  • Description − If you want to give any description of your category just fill the field. Else left blank.

Step (3) – The newly created category will be visible on the right side of the page.
wordpress add category

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