WordPress – Add Tags


In WordPress, Tags are used to identify the major content easily. Tags allow the multiple posts to be classified beneath a single tag. In that case, you can use the same tag for as many posts as you want. It represents the users what really the post is for. If a tag is specified accurately, the user can easily catch the content.

Find below-mentioned points to Add Tags.

Step (1) − Navigate to Posts > Tags section from your wp-admin panel.

wordpress add tags
Step (2) − It will redirect you to Tags page.

wordpress add tags

Find below-mentioned particulars on Tags fields.

  • Name − Here you will enter the name of Tag.
  • Slug − This is the URL-Friendly form of tag name
  • Description − This is used to add a short description of the tag. The short description will be displayed when user will hover over the tag.

When you fill all the above-mentioned information, Navigate on “Add New Tag” button in order to add a new tag.

Step (3) − The newly build tags will be displayed on the right-hand side of Tags page as displayed in the given screenshot.

wordpress add tags

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