How to Add a Mega Menu on Your WordPress Site

A menu is one of the most important parts of your website. In a normal or small website, you can use WordPress default menu style to display all of your pages. But if your website has lots of pages, then displaying all your pages in a normal navigation menu may be little confusing. Your website should have clear navigation so that visitors can easily navigate throughout the pages. Here the need for mega menu arises. Mega Menu is nothing but a hierarchal structure of all of your website pages so that visitors can easily navigate. Large websites have a large number of pages which should be grouped to their respective links. This makes the navigation easy. Mega Menu makes it simple for the user to access different parts of your websites.

What is the need for Mega Menu?

Mega menu allows users to add a multi-column based menu to the navigation. This is very useful for larger websites which have a large number of pages. Many websites use mega menus to display highly engaging and interactive navigation menus.

In this article, we will show that how we can Add a Mega Menu to Your WordPress.

Adding Mega Menu in WordPress

First, you have to install and activate Max Mega Menu plugin. To know How to install and activate plugin in WordPress read our previous article.
After installation, you will notice Mega Menu option in the left navigation. Click on it to access its settings.

You can use the default settings. But if you need changes, then you can customize options as per your need.

After customizing settings, click on Save Changes button given below of each tab of the setting page of the plugin to apply your changes.

Now, we have to create the mega-menu. Navigate to Appearance >> Menus and then add top-level navigation. For more details, read our previous lesson on how to add navigation menu in WordPress.

Next, you have to enable the Mega Menu by clicking on Checkbox and then click on Save button as shown in the screenshot.

Hover on any menu item and click on Mega Menu button. It will open a popup and here you can change the settings and also add widgets to your navigation menus.

Then click on Save Menu to save your changes.

Visit your website front end to see the changes.
We hope you like this article. If you have any query, you can ask in below comment box.

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