How to Add widgets in the wordpress theme footer

Header and footer are two most crucial part of your website. Both these contains the most important information of your website. A visitor will notice header and footer first and make judgments about the website. Footer can be used for branding also. The best thing is you have to design it only once and it will be shown same over the whole website. So it needs attention to how to make it perfect for visitors. WordPress provides a simple method to customize your footer according to your need. So here we will show how you can customize your footer.

How to Add widgets in the footer

  • 1. Log in to your dashboard and hover on Appearance option given in left sidebar and then click on Widgets option.

  • 2. A new window will appear and you can see there are two widgets named Footer 1 and Footer 2 shown.

  • 3. By default these two widgets are empty. You will see lots of widgets showing. Take any widgets from left according to your need. I am using Image widget to place my logo in the footer.

  • 4. Click on Image widget. A drop-down will appear and select Footer 1 and then click on Add Widget button.

  • 5. Now your widget adds to Footer 1. Click on Add image option and then upload your logo or any image you want to upload. To know how to add and delete images in WordPress read our previous article.


  • [wp_ad_camp_1]

  • 6. Then click to Add to Widget button.

  • 7. Give a title to your widget and finally click on Save button to save your changes. Visit your website front end to see changes.


Adding Custom Menu to your footer

  • 1. To add custom menu in your footer, make a menu as shown in the previous article.
  • 2. Now click on Custom Menu widgets available in your widgets section window and select Footer 2 and then click on Add widget button.

  • 3. You will see the custom menu widget is added to your Footer 2. Click on Select Menu drop-down and select the menu you created earlier.

  • [wp_ad_camp_2]

  • 4. Give a title to your Custom menu and click on Save button.


Visit your website front end and you can see the changes. Your footer will look like the below screenshot:

Similarly, You can add HTML, Text, video and much more widgets which you can see in your available widgets section to your footer. You can also increase the footer columns depending upon your theme. Here only two columns are provided.
You can also add widgets in the WordPress theme sidebar. To know how to Use Shortcodes in WordPress Sidebar Widgets read our previous article.

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