Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugins

There are many ways you can increase your website traffic. One of the most important methods is push notifications. This is the great way to get in touch with your website visitors. It encourages website visitors to return to your website. It increases visitor engagement and causes more traffic to your website. This is the key to success of a blog. Whenever you post something, the visitors automatically get a notification about the updates. In this way, you encourage them to visit your website. It is a reminder. Push notifications let you send the message to the visitor even they are not on your website. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Push notifications plugins for WordPress.

What is Push Notifications

These are like alerts messages which display on your desktop or mobile screen whenever you visit a website. They inform you about the latest post and updates form a website. They bring as a popup whenever a visitor visits a website. They are attractive and used to grab the attention of a visitor.

Top Push Notifications Plugins for WordPress

Here we are listing some of the best Push Notifications Plugins for WordPress:



OneSignal is a complete push notification solution for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by over 301,500 developers and marketers including some of the largest brands and websites in the world. It is a free plugin for WordPress that allows unlimited desktop notifications. It supports Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox (desktop only) and Safari (Mac OS X) browsers. One problem is you lose mobile notifications for Firefox browsers. There are lots of features of this plugin like you can schedule message to be delivered in future. You can also decide how and when to display the notifications.



PushAssist is a comprehensive push notification for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by thousands of developers, WordPress & WooCommerce site owners and marketers across the globe. It also offers the similar feature as that of OneSignal. It supports Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox (desktop only) and Safari (Mac OS X) browsers. Push notices have a higher pick in rate and active visitor clicking percentage in the scope of 12-18%, which is significantly superior to anything different channels, for example, email or Twitter. There are worked in layouts shape which you can pick.

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)


Send push notices to iOS and Android gadgets when you publish another post. Straight from your WordPress site, progressively. This module has a worked in center point, enabling WordPress to convey the push warnings straightforwardly—without utilizing any outsider’s server. This is also a great plugin for bloggers and beginners. It will allow sending notifications directly. You can send real-time messages to the visitors. It enables you to concentrate on building wonderful and exceptional applications, without building up your own server-side back-end. Content for the applications is gathered naturally from your WordPress site, so no additional work is expected to look after them.



PushEngage is also a leading push notifications plugin for WordPress. It allows the visitor to get the notification even when they are offline. This plugin allows you to send notification both for desktop and mobile version of Firefox, Chrome and Samsung Internet Browser.

Expand your client list, by utilizing PushEngage selectin. Utilize our enhanced single step select in and get as high as 20% membership rate for push warnings enrollments.

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