How to create separate RSS Feeds for each Category

Feed is a function of WordPress that allows the user to automatically look for new content from a website and then posting the information about new content on another website. This is the way by which a user can keep them with the latest information and updates posted on the websites.

Your website can contain posts in different Categories. But a visitor only wants to see the posts form a particular category. For example, your website contains posts on web design, SEO, Web Development and much more. A designer wants to look only web design posts and updates. So you have to offer them a separate RSS feed so that they can only get the information about the category they subscribe. The benefit is visitors only get the updates about the content which they meant. With the category subscription option, they can only subscribe to the selected topics and get notified only when you update something in the particular category.

In this article, we will show how we can create a separate RSS feed for each category.

Lets say you like web design category and want to subscribe to it. The category URL is:

You have to only add feed word in front of category URL like:

In this way, you can give your visitors an opportunity to subscribe a specific category.

You can also use a plugin to do the same process. The advantage of using the plugin is, it gives multiple RSS feed subscription option to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option.

You have to install and activate Category Specific RSS feed Subscription plugin in your dashboard. Read our previous article to know how to install and activate plugin in WordPress.

Category Specific RSS Plugin Usage



There are three ways you can use this plugin:

  • Add the Category Specific RSS Widget to your sidebar from the Widget menu.
  • Add the shortcode [category_specific_rss_menu] to your WordPress posts or pages.
  • Call the function from template files:
  • Use the [tag_specific_rss_menu] shortcode to your posts, pages, sidebar widget to add a tag specific rss feed menu
  • Use the [tag_specific_rss_cloud] shortcode to your posts, pages, sidebar widget to add a tag cloud with rss feed of each tag


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