How to fix WordPress Could Not Save Password Reset Key errors

Sometimes, you try to login into your WordPress website but you got an ‘Could not save password reset key to database’ error. Basically, it locks you out from your own website. It can be a major issue if not timely solved. In this article, we will show how we can fix password reset key error in WordPress.

When you try to login to your dashboard, it will keep refreshing and redirecting. If you try to reset the password, you got an error message ‘Could not save password reset key to database’. This error message is due to WordPress is unable to write into the database. This happens when your WordPress hosting account has used all the disk space allocated to your account.

Whenever you buy a hosting, you get a disk space. Your website database is located in that disk space. If your all disk space is used by the database, then WordPress is unable to write any more data. We can easily resolve this issue.

Fixing WordPress Could Not Save Password Reset Key errors

To resolve the issue, you have to connect your website using FTP client or cPanel.

Now go to your /wp-content/uploads/ folder of the WordPress and delete unused large image files. These image files take unnecessary space of your disk. But before deleting, simply download the image files as a backup.

Now, if you refresh the login page and login to your account, you will be successfully logged in.

Once you logged in, you can easily review WordPress files and delete the extra files which are not in use.

There are many backup plugins which can cause the issue. If you are storing the backup on the server, then it will take the extra space. The best way is to backup the files on any third party storage services. Also, delete any extra plugins which are not in use.

If you don’t want to delete any WordPress file, then you have to upgrade your disk space.

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