How to install WordPress Manually

Are you finding a tutorial on how to install WordPress manually? Most of hosting companies offer Softaculous script for WordPress installation but still, some hosting cpanel does not provide this feature. Then in such cases, you need to install WordPress manually. Non-technical persons or beginners feel difficulty when they try to install it manually.
Let me explain it. It is a very simple process. We can install it on the steps given below:

  • 1. Download the latest version of WordPress on the official WordPress website.
  • 2. Extract the downloded files and upload it by FTP or cpanel in the root of the domain, where you want to install it. Make sure you uploaded all the files and it will look like this in your root domain.
    install wordPress manually
  • 3. Now open your web browser and enter your domain name where you uploaded files and press enter. it will look like this
  • 4. It will redirect you to the installation URL and you will see a configuration wizard.
    install wordPress manually
  • 5. Select your preferred language, By default, it will select the English language. If you want to install Dashboard in the English, simply click on continue button.
  • 6. Now it will redirect you another window and click on Lets go button.
    install wordPress manually

  • 7. In the next window, you will need to enter your database details. So you need to create a database for your wordpress website. To create database, log in your cpanel and click on Mysql database wizard icon.
    install wordPress manually
  • 7.1 Next, you need to complete three steps. Step 1: Create A Database: Enter your database name and click on Next step button.
    install wordPress manually
  • 7.2 In the next Step: Create Database User: fill your database username and password. Write down your database name, database Username and password in the text file because you will need to enter these details in WordPress configuration wizard. Then click on Create User button.
    install wordPress manually
  • 7.3 In the next step, Add user to the database. Here you will need to check ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox and click on Next step button.
    install wordPress manually
  • 8. Now you have created database, database Username, and Password. Come back on WordPress configuration wizard in the browser. And click on Lets go button.
    install wordPress manually
  • 8. when you click on Let’s go button it will take you another window, here you will need to enter database details that we created earlier. Fill your Database Name, Database Username, and Database Password. Then click on submit button.
    install wordPress manually
  • 9. In the next step click on Run the install button.
    install wordPress manually

  • 10. This is the last step, here you will need to enter your website admin details, admin Username, admin password and email Id. Then click on Install WordPress Button.
    install wordPress manually
  • It will take few seconds and WordPress is installed in your domain.
    install wordPress manually

you can access WordPress dashboard by this URL:

You can also install WordPress using Softaculous script on server. To know How to install WordPress on the server by using Softaculous script read our previous article.

Video:- How to install WordPress Manually

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