How to install WordPress on the server by using Softaculous script

Are you are looking for a tutorial on how to install WordPress on the server? It is a very simple process. We have two ways to install it on the server.
A. We can install it by Cpanel inbuilt script Softaculous Apps Installer.
B. In a second way, we can install it manually.

If you are using the local server on your computer then you will need to install it manually.
I will tell you both ways, But in this article, we will talk the first method. So let us start.

Install WordPress by using inbuilt script Softaculous Apps Installer

Softaculous Apps Installer is an inbuilt script that comes with every hosting like Godaddy, Bluehost. Please follow these steps.

1. Login to your hosting panel. After login in the cpanel, it will show you below screen.

WordPress installation tutorial
Click on Softaculous app installer, it will show you another screen. Then select WordPress Script. see below screenshot.

WordPress installation tutorial


2. Click on Install button and it will take you another screen and you will need to enter some details to install WordPress. see below screenshot.

WordPress installation tutorial

All these steps regarding above image.

  • In the “Choose Protocol” filed, you need to define a protocol, you can select any version http:// or http://www. If you are using SSL then you can select either https:// or https://www. protocol versions.
  • In “Choose Domain” field, you can select your domain name, in which you want to install WordPress.
  • In the “Directory” field, leave it empty if you want to install WordPress on the root of the domain. If you want to install WordPress in the folder then you can put any folder name.
  • In the “Site Name” put any name, Don’t worry if you are not clear what name you put here, you can change it later with admin panel.
  • Same thing for “Site Description” field, Put any tagline here.
  • In the “Enable Multisite (WPMU)”, If you want to enable multisite then you can check it, otherwise leave it empty. I will tell you later what is the meaning of Multisite.
  • In “Admin Username” put username. It will setup username for your WordPress. Then put password and
  • In the “Admin email address”, put your email id, It will be for admin notifications for the website.
  • In the “Select Language” leave it by default English.

Then click on Install button, it will take few seconds and WordPress will be installed in the domain. You can login to the dashboard by this URL
Dashboard URL:
Front end URL:
You can also install WordPress manually. To know how to install WordPress manually read our previous article.

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