How to Track WordPress User Engagement with Google Analytics

User engagement is one of the most important parts of the website because you let to know the strength and weakness of your website. With tracking, you came to know the performance of your website. The user engagement means how many user visit your website and what they do on your website. It is the most important aspects of planning the growth of your website. Your website doesn’t have any value until your there is a traffic on your website. Then only the people came to know about your website. There are many peoples who built their website but does not check the user engagement and that’s why their website does not prove useful for them. To know the value of your website, you should track user engagement on your website.

Why Tracking User Engagement is Important?

User engagement is important because then only you came to know what are people doing on your website, what they like the most and with such details you can plan the future aspects of your website. Higher the traffic on your website, higher the value of your website. This is the indicator of the site Performance. It helps you to identify the people interest which result in more conversion rates. If you know what people do on your website and for what topic they look for most, then you can plan accordingly and can increase your website traffic which in turn result in more benefit.

We have to use Google Analytics in combination with one of the most popular plugins for WordPress that is MonsterInsights. You can check How to add google analytics to wordpress.

Then you have to install and activate MonsterInsights plugin. For more details, read How to install and activate plugin in WordPress.

You can also use Google Analytics script in the footer of the website but you miss out on key user engagement data. You won’t know which links are people clicking and which product or service people like the most. You miss the important information about the high conversion rate products or services.

But installing the MonsterInsights plugin will give all the details. The entire process is fully automated and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of code and configuration. To know how to install and setup MonsterInsights plugin read our previous article.

1. Tracking Your Most Popular Content

This is the first thing you look for is which post and page are most popular because these posts and pages cause the most traffic on your website. With MonsterInsights plugin, you can easily track popular content of your website.

Navigate to Insights » Reports using your dashboard. Here you can the details of most popular posts and pages.

By knowing top pages and posts, you can optimize their contents to get more traffic.


2. Tracking Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce rate means the percentage of people visit your website and leave within a seconds. In this way, you can check which pages have higher bounce rates and you can optimize them to have lower bounce rate. To check the bounce rate, you need to login to your Google Analytics account and then go to Audience » Overview page.


3. Tracking Time Spent on Your Website

This is also a important aspect of your website. The more the people spent time on your website, the more they like the website which results in more conversion rates. If people never spent much time on your website, then there is something wrong with your website which needs to be solved out. Google Analytics shows the average time users spend on your site per session. Navigate to Audience » Overview page and you will see all the details.


4. Tracking Page Views Per Visit with Google Analytics

This is also one of the most aspects of your website. Google Analytics show page views per visit. It means the user is spending more time per visit on your website.

Google Analytics shows you the total page views for a given time slot. To check navigate to Audience » Overview page. However, to track user engagement you can also see page views per session.

So in this way, you can Track WordPress User Engagement with Google Analytics and MonsterInsights plugin easily.

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