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In this lesson, we will discuss WordPress Security. WordPress security is a most important thing for every website owner. If you working on your website, then you need to pay special attention to the security of your website. Every week Google blacklists a number of websites just because of security reasons. So if you don’t want your website should blacklist by Google, you need to pay special attention to your WordPress website security.

In this lesson, we will discuss some important tips which are required for your WordPress Security. Following are some important tips:

1. WordPress Update

Keeping your WordPress is the most important thing because WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that is regularly maintained and updated. You have to manually update WordPress for major updates. These updates are very important because each update contains some additional security improvements.

WordPress themes and plugins are also regularly updated by third-party developers and can have compatibility issues if you are using an older version of WordPress. So you need to update WordPress regularly so as to security and stability of website.

2. Plugins Update

There are a number of security plugins available in WordPress. Each plugin has its own features. You need to timely update plugins because each update has bugs improvement and also contain some additional features. If you never update plugin timely you will face some compatibility issues. So if you are giving importance to your WordPress security, then you need to update plugins timely. Read our previous lesson of how to View plugins in WordPress to update plugins.

3. Security Plugins

There are a number of security plugins are available in WordPress. We can use these plugins and customize to improve the security of our website. These plugins provide a number of features like monitoring, malware scanning, and many others.

You can use free Sucuri Security plugin which is widely used to perform a number of tasks. You can install this plugin on your WordPress. You can check how we can Install Plugins in WordPress to install and activate plugins.

Sucuri helps in blocking attacks by the hackers. It monitors your website and analyses all the things to remove malware and also provide blacklist removal guarantee.

4. Protect your WordPress Admin area

This is the most important factor to consider in the security of your WordPress. It is important to restrict the use of your admin area only to the users which actually needs to access it. This is the easiest and important way to protect your website. Hackers mainly attacked to your WordPress back-end so that can easily edit or change the information according to your need.

So it is very important to protect your WordPress admin area by allowing only the desired permissions to the users according to their role.

5. Use strong Passwords

This is also a recommended way to protect your website against attacks. Many users use passwords which are easy to remember but they can be easily guessed by attackers. It is recommended that you should use passwords which is a combination alpha-numeric and special characters in the password as they give additional security and also not easily guessed by attackers.

6. Limit Login Attempts

This is also a great way to secure your website. By default, WordPress allows users to log in as many times as they want. Hackers try to use different combinations to break the security of WordPress. So you can fix this issue by limiting failed login attempts.

There are plugins available which provide that features. You can use these plugins to fix failed login attempts. You can use Login LockDown plugin to fix this issue of failed login attempts.

7. Automatically log out Idle Users

You can use Idle User Logout plugin to set an idle time period for which a user can be logged in the account. This also provides a great security for your WordPress website.

If the users are idle for some pre-defined time period, they are automatically logged from their account.

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