WordPress – Add Users


In this lesson, we discuss how we can Add Users in WordPress. In the previous lesson, we discuss the Users Roles in WordPress. Whenever a new user register for your website, you get an e-mail notification about the user registration. You can get into your dashboard and edit the role of the User.

Find below-mentioned points to Add Users in WordPress.

Step (1) − Click on Users > Add New section from your wp-admin panel.


Step (2) − You will be prompted with an Add User page. Here you can fill the details of the User. There are some required fields which you must fill to proceed further.


  • Username (required) – Enter the username. This field is required so you have to fill this field. The username will be displayed on the website.
  • E-mail (required) – Enter the E-mail of the user. This field is also required.
  • First Name – Enter the first name of the User.
  • Last Name – Enter the last name of the User.
  • Website – If User has any website, enter the URL of the website here.
  • Password – Enter the Password for the User profile.
  • Send User Notification – If you check this box, User will get a notification from the Website.
  • Role – Assign a role for the User. You can select from the drop-down and select the desired role.

Click on Add New User button to add the user.

Step (3) – You can see the New user from the list of all Users.


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