WordPress – Insert Media


In this lesson, we discuss how we can Insert Media in WordPress. We already discuss how we can Add Media in WordPress in the previous chapter. You can add media files in pages or posts from libraries, from local storage or from URLs.

Find below-mentioned points to Insert Media in WordPress pages and posts.

Step (1) − Navigate to Posts > Add New section from your wp-admin panel.

wordpress insert media

Step (2) − A new window opens. Click on Add Media button.

wordpress insert media

Step (3) – You can select files from your Media Library. Then Click on Insert into post button as shown in the screenshot.

wordpress insert media

You can fill the information about the Media given to the right side according to your need. You can also find some details there like URL, Title, Caption and can change according to your need.

Step (4) – You can also Insert Media by uploading files from your local storage like we discussed in the previous chapter of WordPress – Add Media.

Step (5) – Click on Publish button given to the right side to save your changes. If you are inserting media in the already created post or page, then Publish button changes to Update button.

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