WordPress – View Plugins


In this lesson, we discuss how to View Plugins in WordPress. It helps you to enable or disable WordPress plugins. We already discussed how we can Install Plugins in WordPress in the previous lesson.

Find below-mentioned points to View Plugins in WordPress.

Step (1) − Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins section from your wp-admin panel.


Step (2) − You can see all of your plugins are listed there as shown in the screenshot:


A table of plugin Name and Description is shown there for each plugin. Following functions are available for each plugin:

  • Activate − This option Enable the Plugin.
  • Deactivate − This option disables the Plugin.
  • Settings − This option depends upon the Plugin. Some plugins have the setting option available and some not. Basically, it contains Plugin settings.
  • Delete − This option delete the Plugin permanently.
  • Update − This option updates the Plugin if any update found.
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