WordPress – Widget Management


In this lesson, we discuss Widget Management in WordPress. Widgets are used to perform some specific functions. Basically, they are small blocks used in some specified areas. Widgets vary according to the theme and every theme provides a different location to use widgets. They can be used by drag and drop method and easily customizable. They provide additional feature and help you add content.

Find below-mentioned points for Widget Management.

Step (1) − Navigate to Appearance > Widgets section from your wp-admin panel.


Step (2) − A new window opens. You can see some options as shown in the screenshot:


The following options appear on the page:

  • Available Widgets – It shows the list of available widgets which we can use in the Widget Area.
  • Inactive Widgets – It shows the list of widgets which are removed from Widget area but still keep in settings.
  • Widget Area – It shows the widget areas available in your theme. Any widget added here will be visible on the site if you are using that widget are somewhere on the site.
  • Manage with Live Preview – It takes you to customization page where you can add or manage widgets with live preview.


Step (3) – Click on Add a widget button to show widgets.


Step (3) – Click on the widget to add in the Widget Area. Widget added here will be visible on the website.


Last, click on Publish button to save your changes.

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