WordPress Writing Setting


In this lesson, we will discuss how we can configure WordPress writing setting. This setting is used to control post category and post formats like which post will be the default post and what will be posting format whether image, audio or others. Also, this contains option for remote publishing and update services. You can also post using category so it is a very useful function of these settings.

Following are the steps to access the writing settings −

Step1 – Log in to the dashboard. and Click on Settings → Writing option in WordPress.

wordpress writing setting

Step 2 − You will see The Writing Setting page like below screenshot.

wordpress writing setting
Following are the details of setting page.

Default Post Category -You can set default post category here. Whenever you set your blog page you can choose which post category should be visible on the front-end by default.

Default Post Format − You can set default post format here. You can apply different post styles for different posts.

Mail Server – You can set your email server here. To post via mail you will need to setup your POP3 mail server account here. WordPress use this mail to store & retrieve your emails that you send to WordPress.

Login Name − To create a post using an email you need a login name. WordPress use this login name to prevent spammers to post on your website.

Password – You will also need to set a password for your above account.

Default Mail Category − You can select custom post category to post via e-mail feature.

Update ServicesWordPress will automatically notify the site update services whenever you publish a new post.

Step3 − After filling any information about Writing settings, click on Save Changes button. It saves all your Writing settings.

wordpress writing setting

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