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In this lesson, we will discuss Idle User Logout WordPress plugin. Running multiple users on your WordPress website can lead to session hijacking and increase risk of threat attack. This is why most of the banking application automatically logout after a pre-defined idle time. So here we will show how we can use Idle User Logout plugin to automatically logout an idle user.

Following are steps to enable Idle User Logout function in WordPress:

Step (1) – Log in to dashboard and navigate to Plugins >> Add New.

Step (2) – Install and activate Idle User Logout plugin. To know how to Install Plugins in WordPress read our previous lesson.

Step (3) – Go to Settings >> Idle User Logout as shown in the screenshot:

Step (4) – Under General settings tab, you can set logout duration as per your need. Also you can choose whether idle time counts in admin area as well or not. Then click on Save Changes button.

Step (5) – Click on Idle Behavior tab. Here you can set different logout rules for different users.

Here you can set different logout time for different user roles. You can set behavior after logout from the drop-down and also set a destination page after logout.

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